Saturday, September 4, 2010

oh, september.

It's September!!!! The last nine months of my life have been full of new discoveries and feelings, heartache, love, truth, honesty, and so much more. Not only has my body been growing and nurturing a new life, but I have also started to create a new life of my very own. This year has been so very different than last year. It has been full of positive discovery and growth. Every milestone, every moment has been a learning experience and a stepping stone in the right direction. It hasn't been smooth sailing this journey I am on, but it's been full of more ups than downs. I have come to realize that home is where your heart is, friends come and go, and true friends are few and far between.

September makes me miss home so badly. Even more so this year, as I wish I was closer to my family. It would be so much easier to share this next chapter in our lives if we were in New England.

I am overjoyed for this month, and every month after. Cooler air (hopefully), fall festivals, and most importantly all things bambino!!

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