Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Simone Photoshoot

Ever since my first trip with Sid to Castaway Island I have always envisioned my bedroom chairs sitting at the end of the dock. Tara liked my ideas, and we ran with it. I am still in awe of how they came out!

Please tell me what you think. I will post more as I get them.


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sew Vicious Update

I have been so busy with the store, and trying to work at Landshark, and getting ready for Christmas that I have completely neglected my blog. Well, things seem like the are settling more into a set schedule, and I am going to revive you, bloggie friend.

The shop is truly a dream. J and I are having such a wonderful experience doing this project together. It is very strange and new, but a wonderful journey to be on. Thank you to our families for your support and excitement. We are eternally grateful for our family whom encourage and support our endeavors; our dreams.

So, here are some pictures of the shops journey so far!

A few weeks ago I had a photoshoot for Simone. The amazing Tara took the pictures. Sarah and Erin were amazing!! It is so neat to see my clothing in photographs like these. I have got to do this more often.

Here is a sneak peak at the shoot I more post more next post!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Here is a photo I took the other day in my backyard. The beauty of a butterfly...


Here is a picture of the tab bag! From

Things to Make:

A handbag made from can tabs! There is an endless supply at Landshark I already could have!

Trying to figure out a way to make/improve my onion bag clutches. I have quite a collection and would love to add a new addition to the bags I already make! Now to figure out the best shape, size, strap and decoration. So much thought goes into creating new things! Hope I can sleep tonight.

Has anyone done this before?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Good Morning Husband.

I made my husband one of his favorites for breakfast this morning. Sour cream coffee cake, and this time I added fresh blueberries to the top layer. Holy scrumptious!!!

Check it out!

The end result! (we'll start backwards since I am still getting used to Blogger)
After I added the crumb mixture on the top, right before it when in the oven.

The top before the crumb mixture:

The crumb mixture:

Just ate my first piece and it is so moist and yummy. Truly a perfect match with coffee. Let me know if you'd like my recipe! Sour cream makes this cake yummyyyyyy. It's makes my husband smile that beautiful smile of his.

This one's for my sister:

"you remember where I've been, respect who I've become, and encourage me where I'm going"

Monday, August 3, 2009

Random Mondays

Here's a picture of Sid fishing in Maine.

I just stubbled upon this interesting site/company. Check it out here:

I like their slogon, "Fashion with respect for people and planet". WORD!

Today has flown by. Meeting at work, which always last hours, then I went to Books a Million which I try to avoid simply because I can easily get lost amoung those books for hours and hours. I managed to get in and out within an hour! Afterwards I went and picked Sid up at home and brought him to the beach for a walk. He LOVED it. Was running, tongue hanging out. Even ran into the water! I need to bring him more often, it was so cute to see him so happy. And it felt so good to walk in the early evening.

Now to make a sour cream coffee cake as a surprise for my husband who has been stuck at work since we got back from vacation. And dinner.

Time to get stuff done... and I think my washing machine died.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hello, World.

Well welcome to my world! I am in the middle of planning my third (and largest! ) Fashion Show for my clothing label, Simone. Come share the fun with me!