Wednesday, September 8, 2010

girl crush wednesday.

Oh how I LOVE Drew. She's it. She's got it. She's magical. Haven't seen the new movie yet and I am dying too!! Anyone out there see it yet?

Loving her hair and total look at the moment! She just gets more beautiful as she grows and gets older. And I love the roles that she has been choosing lately. I mean, Grey Gardens anyone?? Amazing.

Who's your girl crush? 


i heart poodles.

How adorable are these poodles? I have never dyed my poodle, but my last poodle always was sporting a full body mohawk ;)

Having a  pup has completely changed my life. I am on my second dog ever, my second poodle in fact, and couldn't say more positive things about them. I lost my first dog, Sid Vicious, tragically & out of the blue. It was one of the hardest things I have ever dealt with and experienced. My second pooch, Gabel, has been an absolute joy, and has really helped me heal from the loss of Sid. 

#8 A dog is a loyal friend from whom you will learn the nature of love and devotion.

my Gabel

RIP Sid Vicious

Time to go cuddle with my pup. Isn't amazing how they truly are part of the family? 

trying to figure out this whole posting pictures thing...

I think that I might have FINALLY figured out how to post pictures from the web! Yay me! This is what I do when I am 38 weeks prego and can't get comfy enough to sleep! Now to figure out wireless for Wii for my husband...


Sunday, September 5, 2010

My Crafty To-Do List

So many crafts so little time! I am going to start posting a few tutorials a month that I have saved in my to-do folder with the goal of making them that month and posting for you to see! Please feel free to make them too & post your pics!

Here are my crafty web project goals for September!

Table Runner Tutorial This one looks awesome, and so easy! I am a HUGE fan of table runners, and can think of a few areas in my home that could benefit from one of this snazzy quilted ones!


Newborn Gown from Tee Shirt! How cute are these! I think I have a few tees to spare to make baby girl some of these. My husband will love these too!


Braided Headbands I am going to make a few of these simple, but adorable headbands to wear in the hospital! I can't imagine looking cute will come easy during labor, but with these headbands I at least won't have to worry about my hair!!

Those are my crafty project goals for September. I am due this month, on the 22nd so I will not load up on too many projects!

Have a tutorial you want to share? Please let me know! I am always looking for new projects!!


Sunday Funday

Sunday Funday.

Sundays are the best day of the week to regain focus, regain control, relax a little and ponder all of life's miracles. It's a day to dream, a day to be thankful and a day to spend with people you love.

While I near the end of my pregnancy I am finding it harder to fit many things into the day, and find myself resting more than anything else. My to do is list is still long, yet I am almost to the point where I can do no more! Jay and I are crazy too; last week we out of the blue decided to put new hardwood flooring in the dining room, which of course meant we had to paint the dining room and kitchen. Oh, and might as well stain the cabinets too. !!! AHHH! What were we thinking! I had been spending weeks and months cleaning and organizing my nest only to destroy it in one afternoon! Now I confess, I haven't actually lifted a finger to paint or put in the flooring. Jay's been working around the clock to get this all done in one week. He still has a lot to finish before tomorrow night, his deadline. I can just imagine baby girl coming in the middle of this mess!

I will post photos as soon as my house is back in order!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

oh, september.

It's September!!!! The last nine months of my life have been full of new discoveries and feelings, heartache, love, truth, honesty, and so much more. Not only has my body been growing and nurturing a new life, but I have also started to create a new life of my very own. This year has been so very different than last year. It has been full of positive discovery and growth. Every milestone, every moment has been a learning experience and a stepping stone in the right direction. It hasn't been smooth sailing this journey I am on, but it's been full of more ups than downs. I have come to realize that home is where your heart is, friends come and go, and true friends are few and far between.

September makes me miss home so badly. Even more so this year, as I wish I was closer to my family. It would be so much easier to share this next chapter in our lives if we were in New England.

I am overjoyed for this month, and every month after. Cooler air (hopefully), fall festivals, and most importantly all things bambino!!