Sunday, September 5, 2010

My Crafty To-Do List

So many crafts so little time! I am going to start posting a few tutorials a month that I have saved in my to-do folder with the goal of making them that month and posting for you to see! Please feel free to make them too & post your pics!

Here are my crafty web project goals for September!

Table Runner Tutorial This one looks awesome, and so easy! I am a HUGE fan of table runners, and can think of a few areas in my home that could benefit from one of this snazzy quilted ones!


Newborn Gown from Tee Shirt! How cute are these! I think I have a few tees to spare to make baby girl some of these. My husband will love these too!


Braided Headbands I am going to make a few of these simple, but adorable headbands to wear in the hospital! I can't imagine looking cute will come easy during labor, but with these headbands I at least won't have to worry about my hair!!

Those are my crafty project goals for September. I am due this month, on the 22nd so I will not load up on too many projects!

Have a tutorial you want to share? Please let me know! I am always looking for new projects!!


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