Monday, August 3, 2009

Random Mondays

Here's a picture of Sid fishing in Maine.

I just stubbled upon this interesting site/company. Check it out here:

I like their slogon, "Fashion with respect for people and planet". WORD!

Today has flown by. Meeting at work, which always last hours, then I went to Books a Million which I try to avoid simply because I can easily get lost amoung those books for hours and hours. I managed to get in and out within an hour! Afterwards I went and picked Sid up at home and brought him to the beach for a walk. He LOVED it. Was running, tongue hanging out. Even ran into the water! I need to bring him more often, it was so cute to see him so happy. And it felt so good to walk in the early evening.

Now to make a sour cream coffee cake as a surprise for my husband who has been stuck at work since we got back from vacation. And dinner.

Time to get stuff done... and I think my washing machine died.

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