Thursday, August 26, 2010

my currents

Currents found via The Crimson Owl

listening: lily allen, It's Not Me, It's You album
eating: had a pb & J that my hubby made for lunch today, with a banana
drinking: water, courtesy of my pal Danielle. I forgot the shop was all out and she saved me Thank you!!

wearing: third day in a row wearing a black dress, not the same black dress, but still. 36 weeks prego is not an easy time to get dressed, especially when its 100 degrees outside, for the 50th day in a row! I can not wait for cool weather and my regular wardrobe!

feeling: tired, and insanely excited about the very near future. Big changes ahead in so many aspects of my life. All sunny! Also, feeling gentle kicks and bumps from my sweet baby girl. I am going to miss these private moments!

weather: hot, hot and hotter with thunder showers mixed in. Not the type of rain that actually cools the air, more so rain that makes your hair frizz up and makes you sticky. Ugh, Florida in the summer, why did I sign myself up for this??

wanting: my family to be closer. or me to be closer to them. Also some beautiful boots for fall, along with cool autumn nights, pumpkin spice lattes and craft fairs.

needing: for my sweet baby to arrive. I am soooo looking forward to sweet baby time!

thinking: about my brick & mortar shop and the end of a wonderful journey, with the beginning of an entirely new chapter.

enjoying: this quiet, nesting time before everything as I know it changes. I am looking forward to the future, and thankful for every adventure and moment that has gotten me to where I am today.

wondering: how quickly the next few weeks are going to go by, if I will complete everything I need to before Baby G arrives, and how everything will work itself out.

What are your currents?

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