Monday, August 16, 2010

maternity series.

Week 34

Now I know I will be 35 weeks tomorrow, but I tend to post the weekly photo and letter at the end of each week. As this pregnancy has progressed it has gotten hard to post midweek... That said I can not believe I now only have 5 weeks left! Give or take a few (wishful thinking would be a few early!)

Week 34 Mommy Shot


OH Baby!! Our baby supply list is almost crossed off completely! Right now I am searching for a swing. I am looking for something comfortable, lots of padding!, something soothing, and something that plays a few different tunes. Any suggestions? I wish there were more modern/hip baby selections out there. I have had to search hard for the few things I have purchased for my nursery, resorting to making lots of the decor elements in there.

My husband and I have teamed up to really put together a room that is perfectly perfect for our little bambino. I hope she likes it as much as we do. Because I am nice, here are a few sneak peaks into our nursery!! I will be posting more about the nursery, with details and price points, soon!

Hope you enjoy!

Pretty baby outfits all in a row...

Little love birds singing sweet tunes...

A lovely little book collection...

Sweet little animal friends...

A pretty entrance...


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